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                   Corporate Investigations

A Corporate investigation covers all aspects of business oriented investigations like competitive intelligence, due diligence of business rivals, background screening of potential partners and investors, background check of employees and staff members and social status investigation of business and corporate houses. These Corporate Investigations enable the clients to take crucial decisions, which, if taken arbitrarily, may prove fatal and very damaging. Corporate Investigations are a valuable tool in the hands of business leaders and decision makers which largely secure their business interests and eliminate all potential risks to the maximum possible extent.

During the routine course of business operations there are several occasions where employees, especially the new recruits, have to be provided access to very sensitive and confidential information and it is therefore necessary that all employees should have a clean background and should not have a tainted past attached to them. Proper background check and verification is the best way to rule out such possibilities at any stage of the employment.

In addition to this, there is a running requirement of periodic market checks in order to control the menace of counterfeiting, copy right violations and Intellectual Property Infringements, which have become very prevalent in the markets today and our dedicated personnel keep the markets under regular watch for observations of such ongoing malpractices in order to safeguard the business interest of our clients to the best possible extent.

                   Due Diligence Investigations

It is a known fact that things may not be the same as they appear. In most of the cases involving personal or business disputes, the root cause of the problem lies in material concealment of facts and gross misrepresentation and falsification of facts and figures, particularly in the books of a company. Doctored facts like inflated Salary bills, Fictitious Asset and Liabilities Statements, fabricated Profit and Loss statements are some of the most commonly encountered situations which cause wrongful gains to one party while causing wrongful loss to the other.

It is during such situations that the parties opt for Due Diligence Investigations on other parties which may be employees, associates, acquaintances, business partners or potential business associates, partners, suppliers etc.

A detailed Due Diligence report provides a clear idea of the Financial Credibility, Credit Worthiness, Holding Capacity, Financial and Market Repute, Ongoing Litigations and Social Background of a party. Such information is essentially required for making business decisions in the best interest of a business or corporate house.

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